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1X Daily Optimized Nutrition Soft Chews

Our chews make it easy to give your furry best friend the right dose with a single daily chew based on your dog’s weight. There’s no need to question whether you’re underdosing or overdosing – it’s the perfect dose every time.

After studying canine nutritional needs and developing animal care products trusted by millions for 25 years, we’ve reinvented the canine health supplement. 1X Daily Optimized Nutrition soft chews provide a precise dose of weight-optimized, superfood-derived nutrients to support your dog’s health.

Superfood-Derived Nutrients

Dog foods are formulated with low quality ingredients because there is no standard of nutrition. They also undergo a high heat cooking process that all but destroys the final product’s nutritional value. The average American spends roughly $250 per year on nutritionally inferior dog food.

We set out to bridge the gap between your dog’s food and its nutritional needs using superfood-derived nutrients. Our soft chews are not cooked and do not undergo any form of nutrient- compromising heat. We use ingredients that complement each other, resulting in nutrient-packed, nutritionally superior soft chews.

Nutritionists And Veterinarians Approved

We take a science-based, quality-first approach with our 1X Daily Optimized Nutrition soft chews. We work with nutritionists and veterinarians to deliver a precise dose of the nutrients your dog needs.

Optimize your dog’s health as we redefine canine nutrition.

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