Who formulated this product?

Our products are manufactured in the United States by SynergyLabs.

What size is my dog?

We formulate our chews based on the following dog size chart:

    • Extra Small: Under 12 lbs
    • Small: 12-25 lbs
    • Medium: 26-45 lbs
    • Large: 46-70 lbs
    • Extra-Large: Over 70 lbs 

How often should I give this supplement to my dog?

For best results, give daily.

What flavor are the soft chews?

All our soft chews are pork flavor. We know the taste of the chew is just as important as its health benefits. Once our chews are perfectly balanced, we taste test them.

And the results speak volume. Our chews are preferred by dogs over leading national brands when it comes to flavor.

At what age can my puppy begin taking supplements?

We recommend giving your dog supplements no earlier than six months of age.

What happens if my dog eats more than the recommended dose per day?

Our biggest concern is the safety and health of your pet. Although our products do not contain any ingredients that would be harmful in large doses, our formula are designed to contain

the right amount of nutrients to be properly absorbed for your specific dog’s size. We cannot guarantee the safety of our products when consumed above the recommended serving size.

Are these soft chews safe for cats?

These soft chews are made specifically for dogs, so we do not recommend feeding them to your cat. 

Will this interfere with the medication that my dog is on?

Always consult a veterinarian regarding your dog’s diet, especially as it relates to their individual health, including any medical conditions, medication, and procedures.

Why would I need a supplement if my pet is eating a healthy, balanced diet?

Most healthy, balanced diets do not contain the optimal levels of nutrients sourced from the right ingredients to make a difference. Our supplements are formulated to do just that.